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FailOS Update #2

In our last episode, Jeff (the Verizon tech who was supposed to fix the fiber problem) had not arrived by the time Verizon said he would, but he had eventually called and said he was on his way. He did in fact, eventually, arrive. (Although not until he had to call me again and ask for directions. I guess Verizon doesn't let its people use Google Maps.) Whereupon he discovered that (a) he needed a splicer and (b) he didn't have one.

So we waited some more, until somebody ran a splicer out to Jeff. Whereupon he went off and spliced something, and discovered that splicing the something did not fix the problem. So he called in and spent several minutes in Verizon AVR menu hell until he could get through to a real person, who did something or another in the back office, which eventually led to my service being restored. Which is a Happy Thing for me.

OTOH, I was down for nearly twenty hours, due to some failure in Verizon equipment somewhere. And Verizon's customer "service" organization managed to make promises to me that it couldn't keep, regarding repair time.

Ah, the wonders of modern telephony. Wasn't competition supposed to improve things?
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