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FailOS Update #1

The Verizon tech who was supposed to be here between eight and one to fix my broken fiber?

Well, he just called. (Please note timestamp; it is almost two local time. Two is later than one.) He's about thirty minutes away, and will be stopping first "at the hub" to see if "somebody stole [my] light".

Previously, I'd called Verizon again around 1:25. Their automated voice response system made me waltz through menu hell for a while before finally admitting that it'd be at least five minutes before a human could speak with me; would I like to hold or have their human call me back? I chose to have them call me (rather than further drain my cellphone battery). Five minutes later, sure as shooting, their automated system called me back - and put me on hold for a couple of minutes until someone in the call center was available! Not that the someone in the call center ("Matt") was particularly helpful, or in any position to be so; all he could tell me was that the local dispatch center had assigned the ticket to the tech. He thought that the tech's previous job had run longer than expected, but he couldn't tell - nor could he actually call the tech and find out. He said I should get a call from the tech within half an hour.

After I got off the phone with the call center guy, "Dave" (another Verizon employee - not the tech) called, to let me know that the local dispatch center had contacted the call center to say that the tech had in fact been assigned the ticket. Not terribly helpful to me, but it was sort of nice to know that Matt wasn't completely blowing smoke at me. Two minutes after Dave called, "Jeff" the tech called.

So now we wait. Some more. Guess I really didn't need to get much accomplished today, did I?
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