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The Christmas Eve program

This year, my church's music director has come up with no fewer than seven pieces for the choir to perform at tomorrow night's Christmas Eve service:
  • In the Bleak Midwinter by Harold Darke
  • Brich an, o schönes Morgenlicht by Johann Sebastian Bach (from his Christmas Oratorio)
  • Lo! How a Rose E'er Blooming by Hugo Distler
  • Lullay My Liking by Gustav Holst
  • Glory to God by George Handel (from The Messiah, of course)
  • The Shepherds Farewell by Hector Berlioz (from his L'Enfance Du Christ, Opus 25)
  • In Dulci Jubilo by Michael Praetorius
Not to mention all the traditional carols.

The music will be wonderful. The parking - not so much. With better than a foot of snow still on the ground, there's no room for cars to overflow on the lawn. On the other hand, we in the choir will start rehearsing around seven thirty (for a nine PM service), so at least we'll be able to find places to park.
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