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Idealized "bodies" via Photoshop

I've known for some time that fashion magazines retouch their photographs to make the models look "better"; it's something we routinely mention when teaching Our Whole Lives classes. Girls in particular get constantly bombarded by unrealistic and frankly unhealthy media images of the "right" way to look; as OWL facilitators, we try to make sure the youth understand that the media images are in fact falsified.

Well, thanks to this entry of starcat_jewel's, I've got a classic example, before and after, in animated GIF format:

That's Faith Hill, the country music singer and mother of three, who's pretty damn good looking in the "before" picture - and not really human in the "after" picture that Redbook used for its July cover. The Photoshop gurus have thinned Ms. Hill's arm, airbrushed away much of her back and apparently surgically removed her clavicle (in addition to the "standard" removal of moles, wrinkles, etc.)

There's more here about the Faith Hill cover and the insanity of the "glamour mag" world in general.
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