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Where does the European Union go for some action? YouTube!

Apparently, the European Union has gotten into the YouTube frenzy. The EU has set up their own YouTube channel (imaginatively enough called EUtube), where one can "Find out more about a Europe of action and results."

So what's the most popular video on EUtube? According to the BBC, it's a video montage of sex scenes from European cinema entitled "Film lovers will love this!":
When the EU opened its own channel on YouTube, no-one could have predicted it would get upwards of 20,000 hits a day.

But while videos on the CAP and road safety are barely getting touched, a clip of sex scenes from European cinema has become a runaway success.

Titled Film Lovers Will Love This!, it shows men and women having sex in different ways and places, and ends with the words, "Let's come together".
There are no visible genitalia, but there's quite a bit of moaning, rattling of beds and orgasmic crying on the soundtrack, so it's not quite what would qualify as work-safe. Plus, some of the scenes are likely to offend the closed-minded; there are a couple of same-gender couples and at least one foursome.

Here's the link, for those who might be curious.

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