Ed Schweppe (edschweppe) wrote,
Ed Schweppe

Minor ARGGH! factor today at Current Paying Gig - after several hours of writing code to:
  • obtain a template for a specific footnote on a report,
  • process the template according to one set of rules,
  • and then conditionally display the processed template according to a second set of rules,
but before I actually got to the point of adding a control to the report which would contain the conditionally displayed and unconditionally processed template ...

... the project manager came by and said "oh, never mind. We just found out that we won't need the footnote after all." The condition that would have caused the footnote to be necessary isn't going to happen after all. (There was a particular hunk of data that a particular vendor wasn't going to supply to us; apparently, now they're going to supply it.)

Sigh. At least it was well-written unnecessary code.

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