Ed Schweppe (edschweppe) wrote,
Ed Schweppe

Note to self:

The next time someone proposes a system architecture in which one needs a GUID from table A in database Alpha to look up a different GUID in table B of database Bravo to look up yet another GUID in table C of database Charlie in order to find the information needed to display a report ... push back. Hard.

Sometimes the Current Paying Gig drives me nuts.

(On the other hand, the LiveJournal spellchecker suggests "GU-ID" as an alternative spelling for GUID. I'm imagining tens of thousands of delirious fans chanting "GU-ID! GU-ID! GU-ID!" as the action unfolds before them.)

(Or the other other hand, the LiveJournal spellchecker doesn't recognize that "LiveJournal" is properly spelled. How many years have they been live, again?)
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