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Activism, teaching, and OWL

Today's sermon in church was delivered by a Hampshire College anthropology professor, who just happens to be the daughter of one of the oldest members of the congregation. She was discussing Buddhism in Thailand, Cambodia and Laos, and that was reasonably interesting. Her closing, though, struck a powerful chord within me. She was relating a conversation she'd had with an old friend regarding her career choices:
"I thought you wanted to be an activist."
"I am. I teach."
That really resonated with me, especially since tonight was the first night of this year's Our Whole Lives class. Forty-some youth (mostly eighth-graders) have set forth on this journey into fact-based, comprehensive sexuality education, with a dozen facilitators (including yours truly) helping to illuminate the way. I know that there are going to be some frustrating moments ahead, and some awfully long nights. But the payoff is worth it: for the youth, for the adults, and for myself.

I am an activist. I teach.
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