Ed Schweppe (edschweppe) wrote,
Ed Schweppe

Arrr! Ballotus primarius!

Several of the fine folks on me friend's list (including kightp and wcg) have noted that today be both International Talk Like A Pirate Day and the birthday of J.K. Rowling's fetching young spellcaster Hermione Granger. Surely such be enough excitement for one day?

Nay, me Muggle maties, not if ye drop yer anchor in th' great seafaring Commonwealth of Massachusetts! For today also be the primary election, where the voters cast the first Reducios on the list o' scurvy dogs seekin' to become officers o' the ship o' state. The primary winners get six weeks to make their case; the rest walk the plank!

So, me hearties, should ye be here in the Commonwealth, then make sure ye hoist your mains'ls - or burn a pinch o' Floo powder - and make your way to your polling place before the polls close at eight tonight! (Just leave your parrots and/or owls at home; the squawking won't be appreciated by the other voters.)

(Oh, and it appears LJ's little "user profile" icon has been ... patched ... in honor of ITLAPD. Just in case you didn't notice...)

(Edited with updated userpic.)
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