Ed Schweppe (edschweppe) wrote,
Ed Schweppe

Interesting times

It's been an ... interesting ... day.

For starters, the MBTA went and did a Bad Thing. The 7:37AM train (#410) that I was going to take into Boston (for another day's labor on the Current Paying Gig) was canceled "due to mechanical problems" - which I believe is MBTA-speak for "couldn't get it started". Which meant that the 7:58AM train (#412) had to pick up all the folks who were waiting for #410 and all the folks who were waiting for the #412. Which, in turn, meant that the thing was packed solid from about Lincoln on in. Which, in turn, meant that it took that much longer to get folks on the train. Which, in turn, meant that the #412 arrived in Boston fifteen minutes late - which is some forty-plus minutes later than the #410 should have gotten me in. (The sorta-good news for me was that there were still plenty of seats when I got on (at South Acton), so at least I wasn't standing all the way in.)

Then, the folks at the Current Paying Gig went and did a Good Thing. I've been working for the past several months in a converted and rather small conference room, into which the Powers That Be had somehow managed to shoehorn four desks. Alas, the A/C wasn't anywhere near sufficient to handle four people and four computers in there all day, so it was pretty much a sauna. A few weeks ago, though, a cubicle opened up, and I started asking if I might be moved therein; today, I was. Now I can actually stretch my arms without whacking my hands into a wall.

Meanwhile, today is the second anniversary of my grandmother's death. I'll probably drive out to her gravesite over the weekend; she's buried in Auburn, which is well out of the way for someone like me who's currently working in Boston.

Interesting day, this has been.

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