Ed Schweppe (edschweppe) wrote,
Ed Schweppe

The infamous LJ interests collage meme!

As seen in the journals of saoba, bkwrrm_tx, soldiergrrrl, rivka, and doubtless many others, it's the LJ Interests Collage!

Well, I guess I got to it too late:
Had to take it down. Apparently, it's straining Yahoo's servers.
Google has a per-application/developer token rate-limit and that will be exceeded very easily
I'm not sure how much caching results will help. There are very popular common lj interests. But then there's a really long long tail.
I guess this just has to die. Fun while it lasted :D
Nobody's going to want to do this meme in a week anyway.

The URL is http://treap.net/gavri/lji61.html just in case anyone else wants to try.
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