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(Mis)adventures In Moving II

As I have previously groused, I spent a good chunk of yesterday helping my brother move, despite various and sundry pitfalls. Unfortunately, due mostly to U-No-Wanna-Haul providing a mere pickup truck instead of the van he'd reserved, we still had a lot of stuff left at his old place by the time we gave up for the night. This included the Humongous Sofa, which would take at least two people to move, assuming it could be got through the door in the first place.
And, of course, nobody else was available to help. There were a couple of maybes, but no definite yeses.
So I volunteered myself to take today off and assist.
Which, of course, meant that we had a few more misadventures, including:
- The roadwork that blocked the previous best route from the old place to the new place
- The backing, filling and disassembly of feet necessary to get the Humongous Sofa out the old place's door and through the new place's door
- Forgetting to empty the drip tray on the window air-conditioning unit before putting it in the box
- Oh, and none of the maybes were able to make it.

On the other hand, we got him moved. And we even did it before the insanely hot and humid weather strikes New England.

And I'm only a wee bit sore.
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