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(Mis)adventures in moving

Or, in this case, (mis)adventures in helping my brother move.

Misadventure #1: Seems the folks at U-Really-Didn't-Wanna-Haul managed to forget that he'd reserved a truck today - so they didn't have one for him when he showed up to pick it up. Whoops. So, instead of the twenty-foot van he was supposed to be renting - they scrounged up a pickup truck with an *eight* foot long bed. Luckily, it's a local move - but we made three trips today and still didn't get everything moved.

Misadventure #2: Wasps in a rail. Specifically, the railing leading up to the front door of the new place.

Misadventure #3: Narrow doors. Especially the back door to the New Place, which should have been the better way in because of fewer stairs.

Tomorrow: more misadventures.

The moral of the story: hire younger, stronger backs who come with their own vehicles. (Burning the old place to the ground is contraindicated as the upstairs neighbors are nice people.)
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