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Ed Schweppe

Streaming Lake Wobegon - or A Prairie Home Followup

As I mentioned yesterday, I saw Garrison Keillor live at Tanglewood, doing his Prairie Home Companion radio show. The radio show was, as they usually are, broadcast live; this particular episode was also taped for television, and shown last night as part of PBS's Great Performances series. (Not everything in the radio show made it into the television piece, and the "America the Beautiful" singalong in the television piece happened after the radio show went off air.)

Anybody who missed the radio broadcasts can find RealAudio streams on the archive page for the July 1 episode.

I also found, buried in the Chatterbox Cafe chat, a hint that there may well be a DVD of the (Great Performances) show coming out in the future.

And the Boston Globe drama critic enjoyed the show as well.
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