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OWL debrief and other notes to self

Note to self #1: Insisting that the Our Whole Lives facilitators get together and have a debrief on the recently completed OWL program was a Good Idea. (The first time I taught OWL, we said we'd do one, but it never happened.) This time, I insisted that we pick a date for a debrief before we even started the course. We ended up having to change the date later, naturally, but tonight we (four facilitators and three DREs) got together over Thai food and discussed what did and didn't work.

Note to self #2: Dragging my butt out of the office at lunchtime every once in a while is also a Good Idea. Particularly on a nice, sunny day. Even more particularly since my Current Paying Gig is literally across the street [1] from Boston Harbor.

Note to self #3: Yes, it really was that simple to send an ASP.NET page as a PDF. For once, something that Microsoft claimed was easy actually was.

[1] Well, across the Surface Artery, which is what's being put on top of the Big Dig tunnels, and which will supposedly turn into various forms of open public space. Currently, it's still mostly a construction site, so I have to go a block or two out of my way to find a place where pedestrians can cross.
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