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Not every government is clueless

The Swiss Federal Office of Public Health has kicked off an interesting AIDS awareness campaign. From the BBC News story:
The campaign, from the Federal Health Office's Aids prevention section, features fencers and ice hockey players enthusiastically pursuing their sport.

But there is one unexpected difference - all the players are stark naked.

The contrast of healthy flesh and sharp blades is supposed to hammer home the message "no action without protection".
They've also got a nicely done website at http://www.stopaids.ch which includes the television spot (in MPEG and Quicktime formats), poster downloads, and other goodies. As a bonus, the site is available in four languages (English, French, German and Italian). This looks like a well done, honest and effective campaign. The one irritant is that the site is completely Flash-driven.

Well, actually that's a minor irritant. What really ticks me off is that we'd never see anything that honest and effective coming out of a United States Federal agency.
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