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We Prefer The Marines

I just read an interesting article on strategypage.com. I'd known for a long time that training foreign troops was one of the primary missions of the various US Special Forces outfits. I'd also heard that the Marine Corps had gotten into the act recently.
Sounds like the Corps is getting better reviews from the field:
Commandos and Special Operations: We Prefer The Marines
As good as the U.S. Army Special forces are at training foreign troops, many of these foreign armed forces now prefer U.S. Marines.
[ ... ]
The marines have been helping out with the foreign troops training since the war on terror began, and the more basic and down-to-earth approach of the marines has been more attractive to many nations.
The SOF are still very good at organizing and training irregulars. But when it comes to turning a bunch of civilians into disciplined troops, the marines have an edge.

Full story at http://www.strategypage.com/htmw/htsf/articles/20060414.aspx
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