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ping wcg: The Few, The Proud, The Disney Woodland Creatures

According to this article in the Houston Chronicle, the voice of Bambi in the eponymous Disney movie grew up and joined the Marines:
After decades of silence, a tough Marine has come forward with his clean little secret: He's the voice of Bambi.

San Antonio native Donnie Dunagan, now of San Angelo, was 6 when Walt Disney hired him to be the model and voice of the fawn in the 1942 animated classic, which debuted on DVD last week.

During his entire military career, Dunagan never confided to colleagues about being in Bambi.

"I was blessed to be in a leadership role for 25 years, either in counterintelligence or training troops," Dunagan said, "and if these animals I was leading had ever found out about Bambi — as much affection as I had for it — they'd have ridden me out on a rail."
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