Ed Schweppe (edschweppe) wrote,
Ed Schweppe

Sneaking in under the Rabbit Hole deadline

I should have figured it was going to be one of those days. Things started out just fine: nice fresh snow, sparkling sunshine, and the news from Washington was that the President had announced her second Supreme Court nomination. I had to give her credit; nominating the guy she'd beaten in the general election showed real class.

Even when I got down the hill to the Shipyard gates, things were still going well. The Marines did their standard checks - ID card, dog tags, noseprint - and for once I didn't get picked for the random ferret frisk. The insanely cute redhead in front of me "won" that honor - she was either really ticklish, or got a really out of control ferret, because she just about collapsed laughing before the ferret was even halfway through. Of course, she was wearing a full-length sundress, despite the tropical heat, and it is the ferret's job to check all parts of the body not directly visible.

Then I got to the dispatch office, and drew my assignment for the day - and that's when things went down the tubes. Now, don't get me wrong; I like the Toonville-class boats. But I just had to get the Roger Rabbit - and, frankly, that's one vessel that I've just never gotten along with.

So, of course, I drew exterior-upkeep.

And, of course, as soon as I picked up the paintbrush, it fell.

And, of course, it left a bright, rainbow stripe.

Right where I didn't want it.

Right down the Rabbit's hull.
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