Ed Schweppe (edschweppe) wrote,
Ed Schweppe

Minor arrghs and ooohs

Arrgh: Loss of broadband. Cable modem says it's got signal; ping says that there isn't anybody out there. ISP says it's the cable company's fault; cable company says it's up to the ISP.

Arrgh: Church cancelled on Sunday due to lots of snow. Didn't get to sing the tricky Frost adaptation we'd been working on all month.

Arrgh: Our Whole Lives cancelled on Sunday due to lots of snow. No idea when we'll make up the two sessions we were supposed to cover.

Ooooh: Since everything else was cancelled on Sunday due to lots of snow, spent the evening watching the Patriots beat the Steelers. I'm not a sports nut or anything, but that was an impressive victory.

Ooooh: Lots of snow. Nice, fluffy snow. Finally, enough snow to go snowshoeing.

Ooooh: New snowshoes with which to play in lots of snow. With bindings that don't release themselves every two hundred yards or so.
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