Ed Schweppe (edschweppe) wrote,
Ed Schweppe

Mapquest Memeology

As found in the LJs of wcg, jhetley and sailorjim (and doubtless many more):

1. Go to Mapquest
2. Get directions. Enter your current address, and your childhood home (or hometown if you can't remember the address).
3. Post and discuss.

Well. My current address is in Acton, Massachusetts, while my childhood home is in Carlisle, Massachusetts - literally, the next town over.

This isn't terribly surprising to me. One of the things I've learned about myself over the years is that I have a very strong feeling of where "home" is. And this part of the world is home, for me. Rocky soil, rotten drivers, weird-ass weather patterns and all.

Other ponderable points:
  • Mapquest's house-to-house routing (6.7 miles, "approximately" 17 minutes) was almost a mile longer than my normal route to Mom's house. Local knowledge remains all-powerful.

  • My normal route to Mom's takes me past the current This Old House project. Watching this building evolve is ... kind of odd. (I remember running out of gas in front of that house once.)

  • One of the oddities of my life - which has included extended periods in Switzerland, Australia, and the US Navy - is that my legal residence has always been somewhere in Middlesex County, Massachusetts. My old apartment in Somerville was about a mile from the Suffolk County border, and my old apartment in Boxborough was about two hundred yards from the Worcester County border; but I've always held legal residence somewhere in Middlesex County.

  • This is, I believe, the first LJ meme that I've only seen men participating in. I have no idea if there's a shred of meaning to this fact.

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