August 12th, 2014

me at star

Achievements unlocked!

We have unlocked the First Post-Surgical Shower achievement!
Along with the First Post-Surgical Dressing Change achievement!

Alas, we also unlocked the Discover Differences Between the Post-Surgical Instructions and the Actual Treatment achievement, which was not so fun. The instructions said that the incision would be closed with Steri-Strips. "Remove the large dressing, but leave the small white steri-strips in place. The steri-strips will be blood-tinged - this is normal. Apply band-aids over the steri-strips after it is dry." So, imagine my surprise when I removed the large dressing and found a completely streri-strip-less incision! Apparently the good Doctor used surgical glue, rather than steri-strips, for wound closure. (Happily, the surgical glue was not blood-tinged.)

This qualifies as progress. Thus say I.

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