January 14th, 2014

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Jury duty


Fortunately, Massachusetts has a one-day/one-trial system. If I'm picked for a trial jury, that one trial will be the only one I have to serve on for the next three years. If I'm not picked for a jury by the end of the day tomorrow, I won't have to serve on a state jury again for the next three years.

Unfortunately, the powers that be at the Office of the Jury Commissioner have decided in their infinite wisdom to summon me to Malden District Court, which is just about the least convenient courthouse in Middlesex County for me. Not Concord District Court, which is in the next town over. Not Ayer District Court, which is two towns over in the other direction. But Malden, which is pretty much at the other end of Middlesex County. Grumble.

I shouldn't bitch too loudly, of course, considering just how essential juries are to the US system of justice. But still, Malden? (Could be worse; could be snowing tomorrow. Or it could be Federal service, which would be in downtown Boston which is even more of a PITA from where I live.)

(But still. Malden of all places?)

BTW, in the event I do get empaneled, the juror handbook makes it clear that I shouldn't discuss the trial online at all. So I won't.

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