July 15th, 2012

summer house

Back from Star!

I'm back from another wonderful week on Star Island. The weather was nearly perfect, with enough of an overcast on the boat days to keep from frying on the docks, and with near-constant sunshine during the week itself.

My volunteer job was to lead the "Chanticleers" - a self-selecting and quite motley crew of conferees who parade throughout the hotels and cottages of Star every morning, rousing their fellow Shoalers with a brief weather report and a summons to breakfast in song. (For certain values of "song", at least; I think we did awfully darn good for that early in the morning!)

Photos are up[1] on Flickr in the unimaginatively named All Star II 2012 photo set. Alas, the one thing I neglected to bring along was my tripod. Between that and the surprising sunburn I picked up Sunday, I didn't spend much time playing with my new camera.

[1] Or at least they're on their way up; iPhoto is taking its own sweet time to update Flickr, for reasons I cannot fathom.

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