June 25th, 2012

me at star

Home from Fourth Street!

In which many extremely cool things occurred, including:

  • Watching Elise Matthesen (elisem) create intriguing and beautiful art from shell and wire

  • Hearing wonderful tales told by professionals and amateurs alike

  • Talking with and listening to professionals regarding how to create and relate those tales

  • Hand-delivering Star Island knitting yarn to the intended recipient [1]

  • Elise Matthesen singing Amanda Palmer's "Ukulele Anthem"

  • Getting my copy of Redshirts autographed by John Scalzi

  • Getting my copy of War for the Oaks autographed by Emma Bull (coffeeem)

  • Winning a fireman's helmet in the roving auction [2], autographed by Scott Lynch (scott_lynch)[3]

  • Being the dealer for a Texas Hold-em poker showdown between Steven Brust and Ellen Klages, with the winner getting to ask a question that the loser had to answer honestly.

  • Winning a squid tentacle in the roving auction [4], autographed by Elizabeth Bear (matociquala)

  • Gleefully tweeting about the autographed goodies above

There may or may not be a more detailed and coherent posting later. ("I just flew in from Minneapolis, and boy are my arms tired!")

[1] Who shall remain nameless in this public posting
[2] http://www.4thstreetfantasy.com/2012/auction/
[3] Who, in addition to being a writer, is a volunteer fireman
[4] See [2] above

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