Ed Schweppe (edschweppe) wrote,
Ed Schweppe

Red vs Blue Counties

The Boston Globe had an interesting graphic in today's edition, showing the counties that went for Bush in red and those that went for Kerry in blue.

Almost the entire map is red. Even most of the map in "blue states" is actually red.

Scary thought, no? (Well, it wouldn't be scary to a Bush supporter - but that ain't me.)

But it does lead one to realize something: the vast majority of the landmass of these vast United States are rural. And the rural voters, in general, tended to break for Bush. I'm not sure whether or not the Democratic Party will figure out a good way to deal with this fact, although I really hope they do.

From a personal standpoint, one bit of good news was that all of the counties in Massachusetts, and almost all of the counties in New England, went for Kerry. In fact, the Republican governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney, staked a good hunk of his political capital on defeating Democratic state reps and state senators - and lost every single race. Odds are he won't run again for governor; the question now is whether he'll stick out the last two years of his current term, or get picked by Bush for a Cabinet job.

The map in question is online at http://www.boston.com/news/special/politics/images/votemap.htm (FYI: contains 187k GIF)
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