April 3rd, 2011

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Last week pretty much stank. Particularly at the Current Paying Gig, where one of my1 units suddenly stopped working in production. It runs fine on my desktop, in the common development environment, and in the unit test environment. In production, though? Kaboom. I suspect the never-to-be-sufficiently-damned Microsoft Jet database drivers. However, there was plenty of other Bad Stuff going down elsewhere, including one of my fellow choristers being rushed to the hospital only to discover she had advanced leukemia. And let's not forget the folks on my friends list who are having issues of their own. Or the fact that the next episode of Shadow Unit was postponed "[d]ue to a personal emergency interference from the network relating to an ongoing news story in the public media."

The weekend, though, has been pretty darn good. Friday night, David Surette and Susie Burke played a gig at my church's coffeehouse, and I had a blast. Saturday night was the church services auction; the congregation made a boatload of money, and I bought a lot of seats at dinners over the next year. Plus, I got to be part of the impromptu group of folks leading the crowd in singing excerpts from The Pirates of Penzance while the auction volunteers tallied up the bills. Finally, today was a beautifully sunny and not-too-chilly day, which meant I had the moonroof open throughout my day's driving.

This upcoming work week may or may not contain suckitude. But this? Was a good weekend.

1 It's mine until the Powers What Be find somebody I can turn it over to. Based on historical trends2, the expected date for such turnover is somewhere around 2015.
2 Over the last year, said PWB have graciously permitted me to hand one such unit off to somebody else.