December 3rd, 2008

whiskey tango foxtrot

Grumpy and grumblinesses of the day

Of which there are quite a few:
* Criminal Minds has been preempted tonight ...
* ... by the Grammy Award nominations show. (Not the actual awards show, but a nominations show.)
* I spent most of this afternoon on the phone with Microsoft, trying to figure out why my BizTalk installation keeps blowing up whenever I try to configure it ...
* ... and I'll be spending most of tomorrow morning doing the same thing ...
* ... while the project managers at the Current Paying Gig seem to think that they'll magically finish the remaining two-thirds of the modules in the one-quarter of the remaining time.


(Yes, compared to much of the rest of the world - or even much of the rest of my flist - my problems are small potatoes indeed. Still, what's the point of a LiveJournal if you don't occasionally use it as a grousing pad?)