October 8th, 2008

vote at your own risk

Les Mis-Barack

Thanks to rivka, "One Day More" from the musical Les Miserables -- set in Obama's campaign HQ on the eve of the 2008 US presidential election, with "John McCain" as Inspector Javert and "Sarah Palin" as Madame Thenardier:
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I have to confess, though, that I prefer the filking of "One Day More" that faxpaladin posted back in 2000 on alt.callahans:
CANDIDATE: One day more!
           Election Day decides my destiny:
           A footnote or a book of history
           This summit that I've come to climb
           Will not be there a second time
           One day more...

VOTER: I still can't pick a side today
        Don't even know if I'll be voting

CAND: One day more

VOTERS: Tomorrow seemed so far away
        And both campaigns just seemed so doting...

MINOR CAND: One more day all on my own

VOTER: Maybe I'll just flip a coin

MINOR: One more day with them not caring

VOTER: Which one has the better 'do?

MINOR: If the media had shown...

VOTER: New ideas, or tried-and-true?

MINOR: But they never gave me air!

ANCHOR: One more day 'til we inform

VOTER: Do I listen to his plan?

ANCHOR: Who's the winner, who the loser

VOTER: Is it just a waste of air?

ANCHOR: When our polls tell us the norm

VOTER: Does it work, and do I care?

ANCHOR: Will you tune your dial to me?

CHORUS: The time... is now... the day... is here...

CAND: One day more!

PUNDITS: One more day to resolution
         'Til they zip or are a dud
         'Til they cheer and sip their bubbly
         Or they drown themselves in Bud

DIRTY       Flinging all the muck!
TRICKSTERS: Dishing all the sleaze!
            Trashing reputations with the greatest ease!
            He's been driving drunk,
            She can't help but lie,
            And he's been taking payments
            From a Chinese spy!

TRUE       One day to a new beginning
BELIEVERS:     Raise the flag of reform high
           Every wall will be surpassed
               Special interests' days are past
           There's a new world for the winning
               There's a new voice to be heard!
           They will hear our voice at last

VOTER: My place... is here... I vote... with you...

CAND: One day more!

WAITERS: We will put out all the hors d'oeuvres
         We will watch them laugh or sigh
         We will sweep up the confetti
         We will look and roll our eyes

CAND: One day more!
(And everybody simultaneously singing their various verses, which I'm
not bothering to retype)

CAND: Tomorrow is the judgement day

ALL: Tomorrow is the judgement day
     Tomorrow we'll discover
     What all the voters have in store...
     One more dawn...
     One more day...
     One day more!

submarine insignia, dolphins

Re: Surfacing

I have recently noticed a number of people on my friends list posting entries (either public or f-locked) with a subject of "resurfacing".

As a former submariner, I approve of this practice.

That is all.