January 30th, 2008

me at star

I can haz wine with cheezeburger?

The same folks who bring you the cheeseburger in a can also have red wine available to go along with the cheeseburger.

Powdered wine, that is. Just add water.

The company is Trekking-Mahlzeiten (literally, "trekking meals" in German). They're a subsidiary of Katadyn, makers of expedition quality water filters for hikers, trekkers, disaster workers and those who go where the water is too contaminated to be potable. From Katadyn's English-language website:
Trekking Mahlzeiten Speciality Food

The Trekking-Mahlzeiten product range consists of complete meals, vegetarian meals, soups, vegetables and other diverse nutritional items from breakfast to dessert. Trekking-Mahlzeiten meals are used as special nutrition by many expeditions (for example Arved Fuchs/"Nordostpassage", Fjäll Räven/"Polar"). Each meal requires only water to prepare and is available in one and two-person servings. We also deliver special sizes and nutritional planning upon request.
Well, that explains who'd buy this stuff; after many long days of clambering up and down mountains, just about anything might be appetizing.

(I'm almost tempted to buy some. Almost.)
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me at star

If Shakespeare had to cover Super Bowl Media Day

How might the Bard have reported upon that madness which is Media Day? One scribe thinks thusly:
But, hush all you scribes who bloviate so,
For comes now fair Brady, he who is as super
In his mortal company as e're this game is to sport.
But soft! Let me look upon him as if I filled his embrace,
Ohh! A visage that Narcissus would have traded for!
And a manner that ne'er knows pressure or fear.
But, alas, 'tis women of fashion that he favors,
For one already has his babe, another his flowers,
And I: only a sideline reporter who can but model dreams.

Brady enters

Methinks the crunch upon his presence is so great,
And the paparazzi do shine forth such a spangled glare
That the great golden orb above must be dimmed
And the sounds of Niagara itself seem noiseless
Before the din of questions that confront our great Brady.

Brady, Brady what is afoot with thou?

Good men of the press box, I come whole to you,
For always the feats I have achieved, were upon my two feet,
And Sunday next, I shall play the same no less,
One game at a time, one good foot before the other.
But now, I bid you, let me take my leave to join my mates,
For by rolling alone, there is no way for Moss to gather passes.

Brady exits

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