November 13th, 2007

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Just beachy

I just received an interesting mailing today. The envelope had no return address, which usually signifies something worthy of being trashed unread. On the other hand, the mailing label had my IEEE member number on it, which piqued my attention, so I opened it up. It was a very nicely printed brochure from the Port of Long Beach, California, inviting me to apply for the newly-created position of the Assistant Director of Information Management. The ideal candidate, they say,
will embody the attributes of principled leadership: trusteeship, values, ethics, commitment, honesty, involvement, and vision. The Assistant Director of Information Management will be a senior level manager with a demonstrated ability to provide strong leadership in a changing government environment. The successful candidate will possess strong managerial and interpersonal skills, and serve as a valuable resource throughout the Port organization. A strong customer service orientation; a history of effective partnerships and problem-solving, and the ability to fit well within an energetic and dedicated team are particularly important traits. This position requires a strong manager with proven experience in developing staff and holding to budgets. The ideal candidate will also have strong technical knowledge, business writing and presentation skills, a manager who is not afraid to roll-up his/her sleeves to get the work done. Service in organizations of similar complexity, challenges and structure is important.
Of course, this doesn't describe me that well at all. I don't consider myself to have particularly strong managerial skills, nor (frankly) that much interest in management as a career. I also have absolutely no interest whatsoever in moving clear across the continent.

On the other hand, I do have "strong technical knowledge, business writing and presentation skills." So I'll take this as a compliment.

(Not that I'm going to actually apply for the post. Like I said, I have absolutely no interest whatsoever in moving across the continent.)
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