September 1st, 2007

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LiveJournal auto-post

Following 's lead into yet another LiveJournal meme ... how weird am I?
So, edschweppe, your LiveJournal reveals...You are... 0% unique and 15% herdlike (partly because you, like everyone else, enjoy singing).When it comes to turning a bunch of wealthy billionaires who want to abstain have equal time, funding, and education in the classroom as kids who are having sex?"I suspect Ms. Unruh's real concern is the danger that the "abstinence-only" movement will wither away if it loses its privileged place suckling on the federal teat. I agree with her that there are an awful lot of skippers being canned for cause in an awfully short period of time.

(Oh, and an URK is just one letter shy of a URL, BTW and FWIW.)

Edited to add: This gibberish is courtesy of the LiveJournal AutoPost "feature" (as seen in kightp's example). Be warned, however, that there isn't any way that I can see to preview the autopost before it gets posted. I kept this one mostly because of the "wealthy billionaires who want to abstain" line.
vote at your own risk

When robocallers don't quite have the desired effect

This Tuesday [1], we folks in the Fifth Massachusetts Congressional District get to vote in primary elections, winnowing the field of folks who want to replace Congressman Marty Meehan (who decided he liked being chancellor of UMass-Lowell better). So I've been bombarded with "vote for me!" junk mail and advertisements. Plus, of course, there are the robocallers - those "wonderful" bits of modern technology that can automatically call thousands of peoples' home telephones with a recorded spiel of the wonderful things that Pat Politico will do for the district once elected. However, not all those robocallers recognize when they get an answering machine. The better ones do and wait for the beep before they deliver their spiel. But the cheap ones don't; they just start talking.

Such was the case for the call I found on my machine this afternoon. The message was some man's voice earnestly promising me that he'd fight for change in Washington, and telling me that he would deeply appreciate my vote. Unfortunately for this candidate, his robocaller must have started playing his message as soon as my answering machine picked up, talking over my message that I wasn't available at the moment. Which meant that the start of Candidate X's message - presumably the part where he gave his name - didn't get recorded.

Oh, well. I probably wasn't voting for him anyway. Whoever he was.

[1] Yes, that does mean that the primary election is the day after Labor Day. A silly idea, but there you go.