August 31st, 2007


Online teen sex show?

Well, sort of. The Midwest Teen Sex Show isn't porn. It's "a video podcast about teen sexuality", and the episodes to date include female masturbation, "the older boyfriend" ("You're 15. He's 25. No problem, right?"), etc.

As near as I can tell, this isn't being put together by professional sex educators. The cast page describes the host (Nikol Hasler) as a "former expert practitioner of teen promiscuity" and now a "Midwestern mother of three" who teaches high school creative writing workshops. The disclaimer page states bluntly that "All advice given is simply opinion and should not be taken as fact." Plus, there's the unfortunately usual "what is wrong with you sinners" damn-foolishness in the comments.

Still, some pretty cool stuff.

(Thanks to wcg for pointing this one out.)
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