January 16th, 2007

me at star

Grumbling, etc. regarding overtime

I greatly dislike having to stay late at the Current Paying Gig to "support" deploying the latest build of the system to the tester type(s). I also note, with some amount of disdain, that the issues that were keeping us from deploying were all in a part of the application where I haven't been spending much of my time; not coincidentally, that's also a part of the application that has next to no automated test harnesses. Of course, that means that any problems have to be manually traced and debugged. Which explains why I (and the rest of the team) were here late ...

On the other hand, such late nights have been a relatively rare occurrence. And, if I can figure out how to automate tests for Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, one that will be even rarer in the future.

(The only advantage is that, as a mercenary contractor, I do get paid for the overtime. Makes up a bit for yesterday being a holiday, and thus unpaid for us mercenary contractor types.)