January 1st, 2007

me at star

Year in rear-view

Reviewing the year 2006 as (occasionally) recorded herein:

Good things happened. I got a free copy of Steve McConnell's latest book. I had the opportunity to lead another Our Whole Lives class. I saw a live performance of A Prairie Home Companion, and then got to see that same performance on television. My latest stint on jury duty ended without trial or tribulation.

Bad things happened. My great-aunt Clara died.

Weird things happened. My brother moved, despite U-Haul's "best" efforts. A fire engine was "misplaced" atop the MIT Great Dome. And I discovered a full-blown shopping mall inside the sterile area of the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport.

And a number of things happened that didn't make it into the LJ. As part of my Current Paying Gig, we successfully delivered working software to the client, who is happy therewith. My church choir wowed the folks time and again. I hied myself to the Amplifying Your Effectiveness conference for the first time.

I'm not entirely sure what 2007 will bring. But, as an exercise in writing stuff on a regular basis, I'm going to make one New Year's Resolution: post something in this LJ every day for the month of January, no matter how minimal. If that becomes too much effort, so be it; at least I'll have learned that much.