June 9th, 2005

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Kidnapping as a Marine Corps recruiting tactic?

Now, I know this is a column, not a "real" news story. And I know that columnists aren't held to the same standards of objectivity as are "real" reporters. And, most importantly, I do not for a minute want to believe that the following story is true.

Collapse )

As I said, I do not for a moment want this tale to be anywheres near the truth. Because, if true, this is a disaster in the making. And I'm too furious right now to think straight about it.

Full text of the original story at http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/paynter/227497_paynter08.html
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Flower Communion Followup

I mentioned last week that my church was going to hold a Flower Communion service, and that the local paper ran a story about what the service was going to be like.

Well, this week the paper reported on the actual service. Collapse )

After some of the awful things I read about today, it was good to be reminded of the good parts of the world. It's often too easy to forget the good stuff when it feels like I'm drowning in crap.
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