April 26th, 2005

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The incredible smallness of the Web


In a moment of relative boredom, I surf over to Websnark and notice that there aren't any new snarks posted.

So I look at Eric Burns' list of "daily trawl" comics, and notice the entry for Irregular Webcomic.

I vaguely remember this having something to do with Lego(TM) figures, so I click on the link and find this weirdly amusing vignette of, well, something to do with the Parthenon. And Lego figures. And sex (of course!) Oh, and the semi-familiar sounding name of David Morgen-Mar.

Y'see, back when I spent a lot of time in the Usenet newsgroup alt.callahans, there was this one Aussie named David Mar who used the nom-de-net "Danger Mouse". And he and I (along with many others) merrily inflicted awful puns upon each other. For instance, had it not been for him, I could never have set up this "insult and buttery with a Danger-Mouse wee pun" atrocity.

But it had been an awful long time since he'd been hanging around the Place, and a pretty durn long time since I'd been hanging around the Place. What are the odds that alt.callahans' Danger Mouse was actually Irregular Webcomic's David Morgen-Mar?

Oh, about 100%, as it turns out. Got pretty obvious once I clicked on the David Morgen-Mar link at Irregular Webcomic - and found that it went to www.dangermouse.net. Which, of course, led me straight to dmmaus.

It's a small Web, after all.
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