September 30th, 2004

me at star

Quick thoughts on the first US Prez Debate of the season

Senator Kerry: Looked confident, strong, ready for whatever came at him. Great early comment about how we'd had Osama Bin Laden cornered in Afghanistan and let him get away when Bush "outsourced that job, too" to Afghan warlords.

President Bush: Looked very uncomfortable, lot of dead air pauses. Actually whined about how we have to stay the course. Good closing speech - but included weird statement that "we'll strengthen our intelligence services and reform our armed forces" - shouldn't that have been the other way around? Or did I get a case of fumble-ear?

Classy moment: When Jim Lehrer asked Bush if there was anything in Kerry's character that made Kerry unfit for the Presidency, Bush refused to take the bait and instead praised Kerry's service, both in Vietnam and in the Senate.