April 27th, 2004

me at star

UCEful or UCEless?

I've got an IEEE email alias, which I use as my main email address. One of the features they added to their service is an optional spam scanner/filter. If you choose, they'll either tag the spam (add warnings to the Subject: header) or simply block it; you also get to choose between low, medium and aggressive filtering.

For the last few days, I've used the "medium tagging" level, and I've noticed a couple of semi-interesting things:

  • The stuff that Mozilla thinks is spam is all getting tagged

  • Personal and directly-work-related stuff isn't getting tagged

  • But at least half of the traffic on the various mailing lists that I'm on is getting tagged as spam, even though none of it is spam!

Oh, well; the good news is that I can always turn the IEEE tagger off. Would that it was so easy to turn off the spammers themselves.