Ed Schweppe (edschweppe) wrote,
Ed Schweppe

Trains tomorrow, maybe?

The recent snowstorms here in Boston were so bad that the MBTA cancelled all rail [1] service today to try and recover. Now they're saying they'll run a "modified weekday" schedule tomorrow. Looking at the Fitchburg line schedule, "modified weekday" means cancelling two trains each way during rush hour and two more each way off-peak (thus only running 13 round trips instead of the regular 17).

I'm not sure if this is actually an improvement over the number of trains they were cancelling last week, but it is a tremendous improvement over not running anything at all. And, hey, maybe I'll be able to make it into the Current Paying Gig tomorrow!

[1] They also cancelled all their ferry service, too, but that doesn't directly affect me. Supposedly, there was "limited" bus service.

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