Ed Schweppe (edschweppe) wrote,
Ed Schweppe

Twenty-six weeks post-surgery

Tomorrow will be six full months since my knee surgery.

Today I had my six-month follow-up appointment with my surgeon. He was very happy with my progress to date, and says that it's now just a matter of time getting strength back. Hopefully I can get back to full strength in another six months or so. Walking the mile each way between North Station and the Current Paying Gig is contributing to that getting strength back, clearly. (My longer-term plan involves bicycling instead of walking, come springtime, and he thought that was a grand idea.)

And he says I don't need to see him again unless something goes wrong. That's a clear sign of progress. My next PT appointment is next Tuesday, and I'll be talking to the physiotherapist about what the plan should be.

In additional happy news, my copy of Elizabeth Bear's Karen Memory finally arrived, and it's as cracking good a story as the reviewers have claimed. Steampunk! Not-Seattle Underground! Diesel-powered sewing machines! Political corruption! The Lone Ranger!

And a submarine! How flippin' awesome is that?

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