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Oh, that would be too weird!

Let's just suppose that St. Louis wins the NLCS tonight against Houston. That would mean that Boston and St. Louis go to the World Series. (I still can't believe that the Sox pulled it out against the Yanks! But I digress.)

Let's also suppose that the World Series goes to seven games. Now, according to the Major League Baseball website, Game Seven would be in Boston on Sunday, October 31. A Halloween game is weird enough ... but this is New England in the fall we're talking about. The weather is often, shall we say, unpleasant?

So let's suppose it rains Sunday night.

And it keeps on raining Monday.

And it doesn't stop raining until Tuesday morning.

That would put Game Seven on Tuesday night, November 2 - Election Day.

And the game wouldn't be over until after the polls have closed.

So ... anybody know whether Cardinals fans tend to back Bush or Kerry more? Wouldn't it be just too damn weird for words if Kerry wins Missouri's electoral votes (and the Presidency) because of a Red Sox game?

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