Ed Schweppe (edschweppe) wrote,
Ed Schweppe

Eighteen weeks post-surgery

Eighteen! Eighteen weeks! Ah-ha-ha!

Well, technically, eighteen weeks as of tomorrow, but today was the day of my followup visit with the surgeon who repaired my quadriceps tendon.

All gloating from Count von Count aside, things are going well. The doctor was very happy with how the knee looks, how the incision has healed, and how I'm progressing overall.

I'm still not able to use my left knee to actually drive myself up a full step, but I'm up to five inches of step-up exercise (finding a practical use for obsolete programming manuals in the process). And I've survived the occasional icy patches that Nature has thrown at me without damage.

Next followup visit will be in eight more weeks - which will make a full half-year since my surgery. How time flies when we're having fun - or some facsimile thereof.

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