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Several days ago, wcg posted a link to a nice, simple, elegant Shockwave Flash game.

He didn't warn us that it was also addictive, warped, frustrating, and bloody near impossible to solve.

I was stuck on level 23 (of 25) all weekend long. And far too much of yesterday was spent trying combination after combination, trying somehow to find a way to light all the bulbs without blowing anything up and without running out of mirrors.

I finally solved level 23 about fifteen minutes ago. In comparison, levels 24 and 25 were reasonably easy. Of course, level 25 didn't look that easy at first, what with the laser pointing straight into a blank wall, and bombs and bulbs all over the place.

Now I just have to find something to get back at that expletive deleted, etaion shruldu, rassle-frassle, ^&%Q@E&^, rot-13'd qhpxshpxre of a retired Marine ...

(The game in question is at http://laser.narr.as/laser.swf for your viewing pleasure - but don't say I didn't warn you!)

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