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Steampunk, Unitarian Universalist style

I have to admit, it's not the first thing I would think of, but this article makes a decent case for Steampunk and UUs going together:
The twentieth anniversary Riverside Dickens Fest was my entry into Steampunk. The church I was serving, the Universalist Unitarian Church of Riverside, California, had a longstanding fundraiser of serving Victorian-inspired food to the thousands of people attending the weekend festival. Food service in bonnets and vests had worn down the congregation over time, so we temporarily rechristened our congregation "The Society of All Souls Steampunk of Yesteryear" or "SASSY," and dove in.

We didn’t know much to start with beyond the goggles and gears image, but we did know Charles Dickens, his Unitarian values, and this enigmatic quote from John Clute in the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction: "There’s no getting away from the man who invented Steampunk: Charles Dickens."

I suppose, if nothing else, church steeples could be repurposed as dirigible mooring masts ...

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