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Ed Schweppe

Okay, that's a good start to the church year

Ingathering Sunday, nice weather, fun music. (Offertory was a traditional Zambian piece called "Bonse Aba", the lyrics of which translate roughly to "all who sing the spirit have the right to be called the children of God") The organ (which just received a badly-needed overhaul over the summer) both looks and sounds great.

One downside: we've started construction of a connector building to link the mid-nineteenth century Sanctuary (see my user icon) and our late-twentieth century Fellowship Hall. This will be great in the long term; in the short term, it means (a) the area between the two buildings is now a construction site and (b) Coffee Hour has to be moved to the vestry below the sanctuary (since the main entrance to Fellowship Hall is now part of said construction site). The vestry is much smaller than Fellowship Hall, so actually getting one's coffee will be ... challenging ... for the duration of the construction.

It will be worth it, though. And I'm back in the swing of the choir, after having missed far too many Sundays last winter and spring due to exigencies of work.

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