Ed Schweppe (edschweppe) wrote,
Ed Schweppe

Snow day

Around six this morning, the folks at the Current Paying Gig sent out a message that said CPG would be opening at ten, due to the ongoing snowstorm. I'm wasn't terribly surprised; driving home last night, the local streets outside the CPG were in terrible condition, while those at home were barely wet. (I found myself stuck behind a bus just outside the garage at work; that bus took three traffic-light cycles to get enough traction to make a right turn up a hill.)

Around nine AM, the CPG sent out another message, further postponing the opening time until noon.

About half an hour ago, they sent out yet another message, throwing in the towel and declaring the place closed for the day.

All this makes me think that the conditions at work must be really bad. During last month's snowpocalypse, they had the place open despite active National Weather Service blizzard warnings.

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