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Foreign-ish Affairs

Also known as "The third presidential debate, that was supposed to be all about foreign policy except when the candidates wanted to repeat their domestic agendas". Surprisingly, that wasn't that often. Also, surprisingly, both President Obama and Governor Romney kept agreeing with each other on what needs to be done overseas - isolate Iran, have stronger alliances, be tough with China on trade, more apple pie [1], etc.

The arguments were almost all about what are really domestic issues - what to do to make America stronger so it can lead even more in the world. Romney tried pulling the "Navy is the smallest since 1917" line in terms of sheer number of hulls; Obama countered by noting that we also have fewer horses and bayonets[2] now compared to 1917, and that we have these things called aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines.

Unfortunately, nobody talked about global warming. No surprise, perhaps, but unfortunate none the less. When Bob Schieffer asked each candidate what the biggest threat to national security was, Obama said terrorism and Romney said Iran. I guess flooding in Florida isn't enough of a vote grabber yet.

Overall? No big game changing surprises here, or thus sayeth I. Now to go and see what the pundits think ...

[1] Okay, I made up the bit about apple pie.
[2] And now there's a Horses and Bayonets Tumblr!

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