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Ooohkay, Mitt...

Well, I did my duty and watched Mitt Romney's big speech at the Republican National Convention.

Personally, I wasn't impressed. It looked like Mitt kept stepping on his applause lines. That bit about how Obama didn't have any business experience brings up the question of how much business experience Mitt's running mate has (answer: none). Celebrating Neil Armstrong's life was a nice touch, unless of course you're running on a government-is-bad-so-let's-cut-it platform. Staples as an "office" company? Err, okay. The lines about women starting businesses were okay, although I'd be a lot more convinced that he cared about women if he'd mentioned anything about pay equality.

Also, WTF was that Clint Eastwood speech about? And did Marco Rubio just torpedo his career with that "we chose more government, not more freedom" gaffe?

The good news? That particular political clown show is over.

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