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Well, THAT was amusing!

I just got a call claiming to be from the NRCC (presumably the National Republic Congressional Committee). The (female) caller, after acknowledging that I was a busy person, asked me to listen to a recorded message from Tom Reynolds, NRCC Chairman. Mr. Reynolds' voice came on, talking about how small business owners such as myself are the rock of the economy and how "crippling" government regulations and taxes are to such small businesses. Then, he suggested that I sign up to become an Honorary Chairman of the Business Advisory Council, which would grant me invitations to strategy sessions, policy briefings, receptions and parties - especially the President's Dinner, "clearly the Washington event of the year". Finally, Mr. Reynolds' voice asked me to "stay on the line" so "his assistant" could enroll me.

Then, I hear yet another voice, apparently female but obviously automatically generated, inform me that "there are ... three ... callers in line ahead of you."

At which point I hung up the phone. Obviously I wasn't that important.

I just looked up the Business Advisory Council on the Web; apparently I'd have to cough up at least $300 to join. The last item on their News page is dated June 28. And the President's Dinner was back on July 21.

Hmmmm, maybe they're just getting things going again. Which might explain why they called me - after all, I am a small-business owner (and one of these days, I'll actually have the time to put up a website for my consulting business).

On the other hand, I'm a liberal who is very displeased with both the current Republican Congress and the current Republican administration. Funny, I never got the chance to mention that before they ticked me off by putting me on hold ...
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